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Questions about compliance training this e-book answers

  • How can you ensure your compliance training is relevant, meaningful and effective?
  • Which stakeholders do you need to consider for your compliance training?
  • How can you support the learning professionals?
  • What role does (smart) technology play?
  • How do you create a healthy and sustainable compliance culture?

The paradox of compliance training

Let’s be honest: nobody seems to like compliance training. Many professionals experience compliance training as dull, irrelevant and meaningless. A regular ‘tick the box and move on as quickly as possible’-activity. Learning professionals, consultants, designers, providers, trainers, and facilitators often have a hard time receiving appreciation for all the work they do related to compliance training.

But on the other hand, as ‘regular people’, we care a lot about compliance. We want the medical staff that delivers our healthcare to be compliant. We want the pilot and crew who are in charge of the airplane we fly on to be compliant. We want the people who prepare our medication and food to be compliant. We also want our loved ones to return home safe and sound after a day at work. Welcome to what I call the ‘compliance training paradox’! Time to crack the compliance training code.
– Ger Driesen

About Ger Driesen: In his role as Learning Innovation Leader at aNewSpring, Ger’s focus is on inspiring the community of learning professionals, and be inspired by them. 

The compliance training e-book explores these four important topics

How to peel the compliance training onion

First, we’ll teach you how to get to the core of compliance training and find other crucial layers.

The regulation of behavior

This will help us to be crystal clear about where and when training can be helpful when it comes to compliance, and where and when it can’t!

Smart use of learning technology

See some best practices of how others used learning technology in a smart way for effective and efficient compliance training.

Compliance empowerment

We want to inspire you to build ‘compliance empowerment’ for more sustainable results and the creation of a healthy compliance culture.

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Warning alert! It’s not only the right skills that make a well-rounded professional. And good professionals, is what we really need – not only good skills. A well rounded professional combines a good skills-set with a good tools set and the right mindset!

Ger’s Learning Notes #42 – Less is more

As a learning designer and trainer, I always want(ed) to serve my audience in the best way possible. Often, my concern was: do I deliver them enough content? Of course, content doesn’t equal learning.

Over time and by mistake, I learned that too much content could be harmful too; often a bigger risk as compared to ‘too little’. Recently, I had the privilege of being part of the judges’ team of the aNewSpring ‘most inspiring learning journey award’. While reviewing shortlisted candidates, I not only saw some great work but also some examples of ‘content overkill’. That motivated me to take ‘less is more’ as the topic of this episode of the learning notes. And don’t worry: you still get four resources!

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Do you remember the last time or the most awkward moment when your professional values, norms or standards came under pressure? I experienced this many years ago when I had to team up and work with someone else in the design and delivery of a learning program. The target group was what you could refer to as ‘millennials’. I don’t like to stereotype target audiences in this way, but the other person insisted on it.