This week, aNewSpring is attending Online Educa in Berlin. Not only to promote our platform and meet new people, but also to learn more about elearning ourselves. aNewSpring wants to make their customers more aware of the impact their implementation of elearning can have. To that end we will share certain insights with you through our blogs. And in that light we’ve attend the workshop “Change management for learning professionals” that was held by Lance Dublin, founder and CEO of the Dublin Group, in Berlin.

Implementing elearning: the obstacles

This workshop was about implementing elearning and the support costumers need when doing this. Our customers do not only need support when using our platform, they need support in the entire implementation process. At the meeting, we learned more about the problems that can arise during the implementation phase. By knowing what obstacles our customers might have to face, we will be able to provide better implementation support. Because to be successful as a training provider, you need an implementation strategy that ensures that learners and managers are committed and energized.

According to Lance Dublin…

Lance Dublin is widely appreciated when it comes to elearning and support. During this workshop he shared some observations on implementing elearning that are worth thinking about a little further. For us, but also for you as a training provider.

“The definition of elearning is different for everybody, and so everyone has different expectations” 
Lance is completely right. Our lesson from this is that because everybody has different expectations of elearning, we should organize our support more according to the goals and expectations of both our clients and end users. The coming period we will work on that to dispense an even better support experience for our customers.

“When elearning is implemented within an organization, the manager and employees have different priorities. For the provider it’s important to find the holy combination.”
We do experience this in practice. Training providers’ managers tend to have more focus on administrative efficiency. Our mission is to help people learn both more efficiently and cost effectively. Our customers should know what they aspire and what the objectives of  their employees are.

“Implementing e-learning will cause an effect on the entire organization and therefore it must not be underestimated.
At aNewSpring, we don’t always realize what impact elearning can have on an organization, and even on the employee’s life. So, we don’t usually point this out to our customers. We recently spoke to a student that did a workplace support course with her colleagues. They were using game based learning and were actively competing against each other. The training was quite important to them and they were often discussing it: during lunch breaks, at work with the co-workers but also at home with their partners. It became a significant part of their lives.

Recipe to successful elearning

In this series of blog posts we will keep you informed about things that we find noteworthy, related to implementing elearning. With tips, recounts of our experiences and the views of distinctive elearning experts. Do you have any tips and techniques about this or do you have a personal experience you would like to share? Please let us know in a comment below or a tweet to@anewspring. This way, we can learn from each other to make successful elearning!

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