NCVB Bedrijfsopleidingen:
better performance in the workplace and satisfied customers by putting the participant first

Be a partner in talent development rather than a provider of learning solutions. That is what makes NCVB Bedrijfsopleidingen so successful.

Based on a strong vision when it comes to learning and an eye for the individual, NCVB Bedrijfsopleidingen is able to support the development of employees of large retailers on a long-term basis. This leads to better performance in the workplace, sustainable relationships with customers and a strong position in the training country.

The problem

Filling a gap in the market with an MBO programme that deals with differences in participants’ knowledge levels and helps them directly apply the theory in the workplace.

All institutions who provide an mbo-programme in the Netherlands offer good quality programmes. NCVB Bedrijfsopleidingen makes the difference in the market by looking very closely at what the customer and the participant need.

  1. A two-year curriculum is long

    The standard curriculum may be perfect for an inexperienced employee, but not challenging enough for an employee with 20 years of work experience. How do you ensure a motivating lesson programme for all participants? Moreover, regular MBO studies take place on fixed days and there is little flexibility.
  2. Waiting time before you can start

    A standard MBO programme usually starts twice a year. This can be difficult for employees who start working for the employer right after the programme begins. Moreover, in the case of a merger or takeover, all the ‘new’ employees must be trained immediately.
  3. Theory is not yet application

    Just because an employee has returned from training does not automatically mean that the knowledge can be applied in a new context. More is needed.
    The secret of successful training providers is that they really translate the theory into the context of the participant. If you, as a training provider, take the trouble to do that, it will be much easier for the participant to apply the theory in practice. An employer wants to see that the theory that someone has learned can be directly applied in the workplace and that it leads to the performance improvements that you as a company desire. But how do you manage that with the ‘standard’ MBO content?
  4. Major differences in knowledge level, experience and age
    Suppose in a clothing store there is someone who is 25 years old working with someone who already has 25 years of experience. Although they both want to obtain their MBO diploma, there is a huge difference in their level of knowledge. How do you ensure that they both get just as much out of the training and make it equally enjoyable for them?

“Because of the aNewSpring platform, NCVB Bedrijfsopleidingen can offer high-quality, attractive and modern education in which the talent development of the participant has the main focus.”

Coen van Hoof - Director with NCVB Bedrijfsopleidingen

The solution

Being a partner in talent development for customers through tailor-made vocational training courses, so that every participant gets a flexible and personal learning path

What distinguishes NCVB Bedrijfsopleidingen from other providers is that it creates a separate MBO programme for each customer. Each customer receives its own teaching material in the customer's visual style. As a result, the participant gets the impression that the training is part of the customer's academy.

  1. Moving through the theory faster - 1 year time savings

    NCVB Bedrijfsopleidingen works with a Skills Scan. This is always personalised and is completed in consultation with the on-the-job coach and participant. For the competencies that still require study and practice, assignments are available in aNewSpring and there are practical assignments. These are used to develop the competencies that are missing. The competences that someone already has can be skipped. This saves a lot of time and makes learning more interesting. Via aNewSpring, participants can try many practice questions and a final exam is always used to determine whether all competencies are present.
  2. Waiting half a year is a thing of the past

    What also saves time is that participants can join at various times. There is no need to wait for the ‘standard’ registration time. In addition, the training material is accessible anywhere and at any time via the aNewSpring learning platform for participants, trainers and on-the-job coaches. Via aNewSpring you can learn on the go, in the workplace and at home. In addition, the teaching material can also be downloaded and printed.
    To prevent the participant from being overwhelmed by the amount of content, the content in aNewSpring is only released when the participant is ready: Just in time, in just the right place, just enough.
  3. The theory is directly applicable in the workplace

    ONCVB Bedrijfsopleidingen develops new training materials for each customer to ensure that the theory can be applied directly in the workplace. Naturally, this is based on the basic material that is available and also on what is available online in aNewSpring. The entire MBO training is written in the customer's language and with in-depth explanations of the neutral theory in the customer's specific context. NCVB Bedrijfsopleidingen takes this very far. The application of theory can differ per sector. For example, healthcare requires much more empathy than logistics. But there are also differences within the same industry, because supermarket A defines ‘customer orientation’ differently than supermarket B. The aNewSpring learning platform supports this process because it is very easy to use a separate ‘look & feel’ for each customer and to manage the customer-specific content in a central place.
  4. A high degree of flexibility and personalised support
    NCVB Bedrijfsopleidingen believes that everyone and therefore every employee is full of talent. This talent is already more developed for some than for others, which means that a personalised approach is needed. The training is based on technology (aNewSpring ensures that everyone can learn at their own pace) and the experienced supervisors pay close attention to personal challenges (such as fear of failure, pressure at work, language difficulties, etc.).
    In addition, a mix of online and offline material is used. Theory is thereby linked to practice through in-depth knowledge and special activities (such as guest speakers, workshops, and company-wide assignments). Moreover, each learning path is personalised. It is also examined with the customer what the best days are for employees to be in training and employees can join at various times throughout the year.

In addition to the solutions for the four problems, the strength of NCVB Bedrijfsopleidingen is to provide motivating and challenging training for the employee.

NCVB Bedrijfsopleidingen is able to develop various activities within the MBO programme that both contribute to solving the customer's problem and present the theory in a very practical way. For example, the DEEN's Got Talent concept was developed for DEEN Supermarkets that wanted to reduce food waste. Participants set to work devising and presenting a pitch. By working on these kinds of projects within the MBO programme, employees become extremely enthusiastic about the theory and it yields direct results for the employer.

This also ensures that employees want to continue learning. Many employees continue to grow and go on to obtain an MBO diploma at level two, continue with levels three and four, and even achieve an HBO education.

Skills Scan:
Putting the participant first with a personalised learning path

You probably don't need to explain how to use a cash register to someone who has worked in retail for 20 years. It would be a waste of time and demotivating for the participant. The Skills Scan makes clear which competencies are already present and which are lacking. In this case, the ‘cash register competencies’ are already present and the participant does not need to practice them. However, the competency ‘additional sales’, for example, may still need some attention. This saves time and ensures that each participant follows their own learning path.

The result

Standing out in the market through workplace performance and long-term talent development

NCVB Bedrijfsopleidingen does not see itself as a supplier of learning solutions, but as a partner in talent development. It puts the challenge of the customer and the participant at the centre of the development of the customer-specific MBO programme.

This allows participants to see that they can really make an impact and that is motivating for the participants and ensures performance improvements for the customer. And that in turn ensures a lasting relationship with the customer.

This results in the following reactions from customers:

“Working with aNewSpring works well for DEEN, because we can now remotely check whether the participants have read the material before class. Because of the assignments it contains, we as teachers and trainers also see immediately whether they understand the material. The positive result of this is that we can use the classroom sessions in a much more practical way. Ultimately, that is the most instructive for the participant!”

Lisa van der Pol - Training Co-ordinator at DEEN Supermarket

“Co-operation and partnership, that is what characterises our collaboration. NCVB responded quickly to the developments by offering the courses virtually (remotely).”

Hans Harteveld - Specialist Learning & Development - PostNL

“MWith the online learning environment of NCVB Bedrijfsopleidingen, a link is immediately made from theory to current practice at Jumbo. We use different materials in this, so that our colleagues can see how it works in practice at Jumbo. As a result, the training has more impact and our colleagues can exceed the expectations of our customers even more: the best message every day!”

Noud Janssen – Programme manager Jumbo Academy

“In addition to the fact that the training courses have given an enormous ‘boost’ to promotion, it has also become clear that this has made our employees more involved, enthusiastic and motivated. We always aim to keep employees interested and committed, and this certainly helps: 65% of the employees that we have trained ourselves are still employed; they have become ambassadors for our organisation and are now also training new, young employees themselves! Intergamma Bouwmarkten is proud that we can offer and provide opportunities for our own people. The Recruitment & Selection takes place at our own workplaces!”

Ferd Finders – Coordinator MBO courses, Resourcing & Development - Intergamma Bouwmarkten

Growth of the online component

In recent years, the online part of the MBO courses has expanded to more than 7,700 active users (2021). Because the aNewSpring platform uses a mix of online self-study, practical ‘work floor assignments’, classroom training and personal guidance, all participants can successfully progress through the programme regardless of their experience and prior knowledge. This leads to a higher success rate.

This ultimately creates ambassadors who convey the enthusiasm for learning to others, creating a sustainable learning culture for the customer.

About NCVB Bedrijfsopleidingen

NCVB Bedrijfsopleidingen has been providing nationally recognised vocational training for more than 20 years for about 4000 participants on average per year. Together with organisations from various sectors, tailor-made courses are being developed at the MBO level for nationally operating companies such as Intergamma, Action, Jumbo, AS Watson and PostNL.

As a result, NCVB Bedrijfsopleidingen is able to help companies that operate nationally and want to train employees spread over several locations. Customisation is designed through their own training model: The Training House.


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