Kompas Veiligheidsgroep:
blended learning has an important role in safety

“The learning journey provides our users with sufficient knowledge and skills to respond appropriately in the event of an emergency. The many learning tools in aNewSpring make learning efficient and fun.”

This learning journey was nominated for the aNewSpring Awards 2021.

Learning Method Blended learning Training Type Skills training Industry Trainers, Training company

The learning journey:
MemoTrainer, adaptive e-learning and learn snacks

About Kompas Veiligheidsgroep:

Specialist in Emergency Response & Safety. Courses, consultancy, safety products & maintenance.

Adaptive learning

Kompas Veiligheidsgroep is no stranger to aNewSpring; in fact, it trains more than 21,000 participants in our platform every year! Kompas Veiligheidsgroep puts the participant at the centre of the learning journey, which provides opportunities for personalisation and adaptive learning. In the learning journey, the participant gains sufficient knowledge and skills – partly through various learning tools – to be able to respond adequately in emergencies. It is more than just an e-learning for company safety, it’s about getting just the right blend. In aNewSpring, Kompas Veiligheidsgroep can give its participants more and more in the world of online learning.

“Kompas Veiligheidsgroeps explanation of its learning journey made me very curious about the result. There is a good variety to choose from, like learn snacks, learning goals and MemoTrainer. It’s also very nicely designed”
– from the jury report

The right blend

What are those different learning tools? Kompas Veiligheidsgroep can personalize the learning trajectory when a participant opts for an e-learning BHV adaptive. Which content is available depends on the learning objectives that a participant achieves; it is a continuous development. This is where the MemoTrainer comes in handy; the participants receive weekly questions to continue developing their knowledge. But what if you are working on the learning journey and realise that you are not sure about something anymore? Don’t worry. All questions are answered in the learning journey about BHV. You can gain further in-depth knowledge by following the ‘learn snacks’ or in the interactive videos. The learning journey is combined with current events to keep it fun and up-to-date.

Impact on safety

Kompas Veiligheidsgroep is constantly improving and renewing its learning journeys. It does so by conducting evaluations, making reports, analysing statistics, et cetera. Because the participants have already become acquainted with the theory, it will be easier for them to perform CPR on a simulation victim. The importance of continuous learning is becoming increasingly clear. aNewSpring and Kompas Veiligheidsgroep have had an important impact on safety.

Learning journey review

All nominees of the aNewSpring Awards 2021 have been assessed during the process by a full professional jury consisting of:

Stella Collins – CLO and co-founder, Stellar labs
Website | LinkedIn

Michael Strawbridge – Global Head of Content, The LPI
Website | LinkedIn

Nicole van de Ven-Smeelen – Winner of the 2020 aNewSpring Awards, HBtraining
Website | LinkedIn

Ger Driesen – Learning Innovation Leader, aNewSpring
Blog | LinkedIn

Each learning journey was assessed on:
didactics, innovation, participant experience and overall impact.



Participant experience

Overall impact

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