believe in the power of blended learning

“We believe in the power of blended learning. It strengthens the learning curve and is a nice addition to our current programs.” With this learning journey, Beeckestijn gave its participants a personalised learning experience!

This learning journey has been nominated for the aNewSpring Awards 2021.

Learning Method Blended learning Training Type Certification training Industry Training company

The learning journey:
blended learning serves as a smart addition to the power of classroom training.

About Beeckestijn:

Work is constantly changing and that requires the right knowledge and skills. Beeckestijn Business School helps with this. With compact and practical programs in digital, marketing, cx, data and communication created by 100% subject experts.

Reducing the knowledge gap

Beeckestijn has always been committed to teaching, whether in a classroom, online or on location. The learners have been trained at a middle/senior level and have several years of work experience. For this group, it is important to maintain social contacts and to be able to apply the theory in practice. Blended learning in aNewSpring offers Beeckestijn the opportunity to reduce the knowledge gap between participants and provide more space for discussions combined with exercises.

Adaptive experience

What does such a learning experience look like? There is an attractive, individually designed, adaptive experience for every participant. This includes gamification elements, social interaction and personalisation. When the participants start the learning journey, they immediately come into contact with their on-the-job trainer. They can fill in their expectations and start with preparatory teaching materials. By filling in their personal profile, the participants can discreetly get to know the other participants. They are constantly challenged to master the material in an interactive way and to network with fellow students.

“We are only at the beginning of implementing blended learning and gamification within aNewSpring. We will continue to optimise the online environment with great energy.”
– Mirna Chaitram, Programma Manager Beeckestijn

Link between online and classroom

aNewSpring has grown into the automatic link between online and classroom moments. A lot of paperwork is automated online, which is of course good for our trees. In addition, aNewSpring has become a knowledge base in which participants and teachers can share podcasts, white papers, etc.

Learning journey review

All nominees of the aNewSpring Awards 2021 have been assessed during the process by a full professional jury consisting of:

Stella Collins – CLO and co-founder, Stellar labs
Website | LinkedIn

Michael Strawbridge – Global Head of Content, The LPI
Website | LinkedIn

Nicole van de Ven-Smeelen – Winner of the 2020 aNewSpring Awards, HBtraining
Website | LinkedIn

Ger Driesen – Learning Innovation Leader, aNewSpring
Blog | LinkedIn

Each learning journey was assessed on:
didactics, innovation, participant experience and overall impact.



Participant experience

Overall impact

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