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When it comes to online social learning: the people are the platform

Ger Driesen
Learning Innovation Leader, aNewSpring

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Secrets to a successful blended learning strategy

Two years ago, blended and online learning became the way to keep a training business running. How can these learning strategies continue to help us in the long run?

During our webinar ‘The Secrets to a Successful Blended Learning Strategy’, we talked to three professionals about this topic. Now, we’d like to share some of the key takeaways that will help you design your own strategy.

Ger’s Learning Notes #49: Research

There is a fundamental way of learning that we often seem to overlook; it’s called research. I remember the first research I did as a student for our national weather service, the KNMI. We conducted serious evaluation research around one of the important internal courses they did those days.

Adaptive learning: Reduce study time by more than 30%

How does finishing a course 33% faster sound? Because that’s what adaptive learning can do for learners. The proof? A striking result of the study we conducted together with Bohn Stafleu van Loghum (BSL) on the importance of investing in personalised learning.

Wondering how you, as a training provider, can use this to your advantage? We are happy to share our ideas with you! But first, let’s dive into the results with a bit more detail.

How data about your learners help you make better decisions

As a training business, you likely have encountered scenarios where learners reach out with questions about your upcoming training schedule. Instead of sending over a standard roster of everything that is planned, wouldn’t it be better to provide them with a list of courses that they’re most likely to enrol in?

Well, New Leaf Technologies, our exclusive reseller in South Africa, renders this kind of personalisation possible. They do this by bringing together all the data from the learning platform, website and CRM system. In this piece, you’ll read more about how they help businesses elevate their training with a simple, yet powerful solution.

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