Blended Learning works

We believe the best learning is an optimal mix of online and offline learning activities.
A concept that is better known as blended learning.

With blended learning you can make it possible to organise knowledge training online, and work on skills and attitude training in the classroom.

How can you benefit from Blended Learning?

As a training provider you can do more with less. Win bigger projects, service more customers, deliver better training, the list goes on…

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Why aNewSpring?

aNewSpring focuses on helping students learn. Technology makes it possible to combine different learning interventions to create a rich Learning Journey. We provide the right technology to increase the effectivity of their training. Our learning platform works online, so students can access their learning environment anyplace, any time, on any device.

aNewSpring keeps improving their product, so we can guarantee the last proven techniques will be available for our clients.

  • “aNewSpring stood out quickly, because of their explicit focus on technique. That’s exactly what we need. Also on a visionary and business level we’re a good match.”

    Leon Kurvers
    Leon KurversSPO
  • “It was a no brainer that I wanted to work with great technique. Because I already knew aNewSpring and all its features for a couple of years the choice was an easy one.”

    Jojanneke van den Bosch
    Jojanneke van den BoschEos Online Communication
  • “The platform gives our courses a professional look. The flexibility is great. And it is really nice that it is SaaS so I can pay based on how much I use it.”

    Michiel Louweret
    Michiel LouweretLouweret