Bonus Release:
Video hand-in assignment

by Govert de Jong
12 September 2018


ou might already use videos in your training courses, but from from tomorrow onwards, your participants can easily record and submit videos in aNewSpring. In other words: Put your learners in the video drivers’ seat!

The new feature makes the following scenarios possible:

  1. Ask participants to include a welcome video and introduce themselves to the group.
  2. Introduce a specific situation by video and ask your learners to record and hand in their response: asynchronous video role-play!
  3. Share these video responses amongst learners so they can see different approaches and their effectiveness.
  4. Ask participants to record a video that demonstrates how they have put their new skills to use (e.g. delivered a presentation thanks to new presentation skills).
  5. Hand in role-play exercises with another learner, colleague or even a customer.
  6. Hand in 360-degree video feedback; explain how peers, colleagues, supervisors and customers experienced the performance of the learner.
  7. Offer video reflection; learners record a ‘thinking-out loud’ reflection on their learning.
  8. Share examples of anything that can be useful and relevant for your peers (co-learners), as related to the learning journey – social learning.
  9. Hand in the assignment of a video-recorded interview with an expert, thought leader, client or customer to share their perspective on the topic.
  10. Share how a topic from the training course is relevant or applies to your work environment.

Although many people don’t like to record videos, evidence shows that a familiar and safe environment takes the pressure off: “online courses allow for additional time to compose thoughts, reactions and reflections on course content without the pressure of real-time interaction”.

We’ve now made the video hand-in assignment feature available for all aNewSpring users.
What this means is that a learning designer can simply add it to a learning journey.

Take a look at our release notes for more information.

If you have any questions regarding this release, please don’t hesitate to contact support!