On Wednesday the 14th of October the aNewSpring Award Event was held for the first time! You might have already read who won the award, but we would like to share more about this inspiring evening with you though this photo report. Enjoy!


This was the big catch of the evening: The ‘Most Inspiring Learning Journey’ Award! Who will take it home? We were just as curious as the rest of our guests…

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We held the aNewSpring Award Event in the ‘Maaspodium’, one of our favorite locations for events, because of its good location and nice atmosphere.


Service Manager Stefan van den Tol informed our guests about the way things would work this evening.


We’ve received 14 applications for the ‘Most Inspiring Learning Journey 2015’ Award. To have a chance of winning it, they would have to give a short presentation to inspire the attendees with their learning journey.

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Afterwards, the attendees could vote for the candidates they thought were most inspiring.

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Of course there was room for questions after the presentation!


Time for the next round! This allowed for the attendees to check out various product presentations.

In between presentations there was of course time to enjoy a drink.


The voting forms are filled out…


…and handed in! The three candidates with the most votes would get a spot in the grand finale.



But before the grand finale we had a nice meal together.

anewspring-event--55 anewspring-event--59

For the finale we took a seat in the theatre, where the three finalists again presented their Inspiring Learning Journey.


Flinn Deen from Fire-learning.


Jojanneke van den Bosch from OnlineComm Academy.


And Andre Japin from RailInfra Education (photograped earlier this evening) was also one of the finalists.

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Again the attendees were asked to vote for their favorite, but this time we voted live via Kahoot. The votes were counted live on the big screen, so together we could find out who would win the Award.


It was Fire-learning!



The three finalists: RailInfra Education, Fire-learning and OnlineComm Academy. RailInfra Education and OnlineComm Academy had the same amount of votes, so they shared the second place.


Of course we had a drink to celebrate!


And for the aNewSpring Team it was time to clean up ;)

We had a great evening and hope all guests that were present this year, plus everyone who couldn’t make it, will be present next year for the aNewSpring Award Event 2016. See you then!