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Over 400 clients already trained over 1,000,000 learners. These learners have completed over 50 million personalised lessons and already more than 10,000 companies have had training delivered through our platform.

We are confident that our solution will really create value for our clients and their learners, therefore it is free to start using aNewSpring. After that we use a pay per use business model based on the success of our clients.

Accreditations & memberships

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Our team

All crazy about learning!

  • Allard Kragt
    Allard KragtCustomer Success Engineer

    I think learning is a very interesting subject and I really like helping our clients – especially with graphic design and support. I’m learning almost every day, for example foreign languages. I noticed the more I do this, the more I learn how to learn.

  • Ben Sedee
    Ben SedeeDeveloper

    Apart from being a developer I am also a teacher, because I really like helping people learn. At aNewSpring I combine these things and develop a technique that gives others the option to share knowledge. Also, I think it’s great that we develop things which are really used and found useful by our clients.

  • Brant Seethaler
    Brant SeethalerCommercial Director

    I love people. It sounds silly like that, but I am really fascinated by what drives others. Whether it’s the members of our team, or the customers we serve, or even just the guy at the bus stop. Remaining inquisitive and open to how others see the world drives me to learn more everyday.

  • Corjan Bast
    Corjan BastContent Marketeer

    As soon as we are born into this world, we start learning. It’s my mission to never stop doing this and so far it’s been working. I certainly hope that the phrase “Most people believe that when they grow older, they become wiser. But they just become older.”, doesn’t apply to me!

  • Daphne Alblas
    Daphne AlblasSupport Agent

    I am more of a practical learner and that’s why I enjoy putting new tips and tricks into practice. At aNewSpring, I get to do that everyday. I always learn something new from my colleagues and clients.

  • Ger Driesen
    Ger DriesenLearning Innovation Leader

    I’ve been active in learning throughout my whole professional life: as a training adviser, trainer, training & development manager, entrepreneur, writer and speaker. Working in learning is beautiful and something that really matters. I will keep doing this kind of work for years to come.

  • Gerthilde Mastenbroek
    Gerthilde MastenbroekCustomer Success Advocate

    I think it’s really great to play part in improving aNewSpring and helping people be successful. At the end of the day that’s what motivates me most, to see you’ve helped people. I really like learning and experiencing new stuff.

  • Govert de Jong
    Govert de JongOnboarding Specialist

    I experience life as a learning process. I try to take everything in and love to learn from others. My fascination for nature and other cultures stimulates me to look at the world from a different point of view. All aNewSpring users are very different from each other, and I learn something new from them every day. I really get a kick out of helping them create interesting learning journeys.

  • Jimmy Chim
    Jimmy ChimDesigner

    The fun part of working at aNewSpring is that I can practice my hobbies. As a child, I was constantly drawing and I always chose to read comic books above regular books. That’s also how I moved my passion to the digital world. I used to draw on a sheet of paper, but now I can draw on an infinite piece of canvas. This means: more creativity, more fun and of course more learning opportunities!!

  • Joost den Boon
    Joost den BoonDeveloper

    I became a programmer because I love getting computers do what I want them to do. After my internship at aNewSpring I was told I could become a member of the IT Team. Which was great, because both the aNewSpring team and platform are nice to work with/on.

  • Karlijn van den Bosch
    Karlijn van den BoschNew Business Developer

    Due to my curiosity for smart, modern ways of learning and developing, aNewSpring is the right place for me. As I challenge myself to continue to learn and innovate, I also like to challenge  the client to create the most  inspirational learning journey to make learning effective.

  • Katalin Boer-Sorban
    Katalin Boer-SorbanDeveloper

    When I was a child I always liked helping others with learning. During my job as a teacher in Computer Science, I aspired to make the learning materials as interesting and tangible as possible.
    What I like best about working at aNewSpring is that we make this happen on a larger scale. We can make learning more easy for thousands of learners by offering teachers a platform in which they can present learning materials in an attractive way. I am happy to contribute to that!

  • Madeleine de Bruin
    Madeleine de BruinCustomer Success Manager

    Change is what it’s all about. We are changing the way we work, communicate and even live. Learning is a key role in this process. By constantly learning, you will be able to easily deal with changes. I’m curious about different (working) cultures and what it is that drive people.. At aNewSpring, I help clients to realise beautiful and effective learning journeys, which gives me a lot of energy!

  • Marlijn van de Kerkhof
    Marlijn van de KerkhofProcess and Quality Assurance Manager

    The atmosphere here at aNewSpring is great. I think learning is something you do little by little every day, so that’s why I like to work with a product which makes that possible.

  • Martèn de Prez
    Martèn de PrezOwner/Managing Director

    I love it when our team and our clients act as one, innovating learning to really helping people learn more effective. Gandhi once said: Learn like you will live forever. I like to live by that thought even though I do have a challenge in learning being dyslectic. For me studying was an uphill battle. Therefore I’m extra motivated to be a part of the innovation of learning.

  • Natasja Fragoso
    Natasja FragosoFinance Manager

    At aNewSpring I can combine my love for learning with an interest in legislation and a talent for numbers. The world of HR and Finance is constantly subject to changing regulations and new trends of which I must stay informed. One of our core values translates roughly as Owning your Expertise and I manage this by routinely reading specialist journals, by attending workshops and lectures quite frequently and, if necessary, by consulting experts. A job with many learning moments!

  • Nick Snoek
    Nick SnoekMarketing Analyst

    It hasn’t been so long ago since I left school, but that doesn’t mean I am done with learning. I believe you can learn something from everyone, as long as you’re open for it. Sharing knowledge is very important to me and I’m glad to work in an environment where that is important as well.

  • Patricia van der Have
    Patricia van der HaveNew Business Developer

    The thing I like the most about my job as a Business Developer, is that I have daily conversations with people who have refreshing ideas about learning. This allows me to learn a lot about what’s going in different types of branches. This gives me a great energy boost!

  • Paul van Helmond
    Paul van HelmondSenior Onboarding Specialist

    Making others successful, that’s what motivates me every day. I used to do that as sales manager, but now I help our clients implementing our application and building great, successful training products. If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you. I learn by experiencing and am determined to experience a lot more in the future.

  • Remco Rotteveel
    Remco RotteveelCTO

    Analyzing technical problems and thinking of elegant solutions for them is a challenge I love most. Everything around us is developing so fast, especially technique. Only by learning, can I keep up with all these changes and help aNewSpring with technical challenges in the future.

  • René Persoon
    René PersoonOwner/Founder

    There are three things I love to do most: Entrepreneuring, travelling and cooking a great meal. I always need to keep improving myself on these topics, find my boundaries and learn from my mistakes. When I was a trainer I was searching for ways to make sure my students would not forget what I taught them. Because I could not find a solution that suited my business I started aNewSpring.

  • Rik Achterberg
    Rik AchterbergProduct Designer

    In my working field it is very important to stay up to date with the latest trends and developments in usability and interface design. I want people to be happy when they use the product, so obviously learning about all those things is part of my job.

  • Rutger van Aalst
    Rutger van AalstDeveloper

    I have this strange desire that I want to know everything about anything. In addition to acquiring knowledge, I love it when knowledge can also be shared with others. At aNewSpring this can be done every day and that’s what makes the work so much fun.

  • Stefan van den Tol
    Stefan van den TolCCO - Chief Customer Officer

    I really like working in an energetic and positive environment. Everyone here feels responsible for the product and likes problem solving. It is my goal to let our clients know that and helping them the most effective way possible. This, and having a laugh with my colleagues every now and then makes this the perfect job for me.

  • Tamara Lokhoff
    Tamara LokhoffDesigner

    How do customers use our platform? That is the question I ask myself every day. It’s often the case that customers use the platform differently than I initially expected. This is very interesting as it both helps me to understand the customer better and to come up with improvements.

  • Thijs van Zundert
    Thijs van ZundertAccount Executive

    Being an Account Executive at aNewSpring, I look for a match with training providers. We really like it to do business when we can actually help a client, or even add value to their organization. That’s what makes me happy. You wouldn’t sell shoes to someone without feet, would you?
    The most important thing at aNewSpring is the clients’ client, so the learner. If learners are successful, we are successful. In my opinion that is a beautiful philosophy, and I love to contribute to that every day!

  • Tim Bouwens
    Tim BouwensMarketing Intern

    I’ve always had a lot of interest in marketing and innovation. After years of learning about the theory of marketing, I want to apply my knowledge. I’m glad I can do so at aNewSpring by writing my graduation thesis.

    • Yvo van Heijningen
      Yvo van HeijningenVP of Engineering

      You may call me a fan of learning – I’ve studied for 11 years! Not because I was bad at it, but because I really wanted to learn a lot. This resulted in a variety of diplomas, from a Master in Music to Biomedical Sciences and Electrical Engineering. I love learning.


    aNewSpring was one of three finalists for an Elearning Award in the Smarter Learning category.