When thinking of Gamification, you probably think about online learning via a game. But Gamification is more than just playing games! It can be defined as the concept of applying game-design thinking to non game applications. Gamification in online learning is emerging as effective way to engage learners.

Recently, published an article about Gamification in online learning. They answer questions like ‘What are the benefits of Gamification in e-Learning?’ and ‘Does Gamification Really Help Learners Recall Or Retain Information Better?’. Plus, they give 6 great examples of Gamification in online courses.

Read the article here


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  • Trevor Hudson

    I think that this makes a broader point that the articles itself doesn’t nearly so clearly. You can have gamification without a ‘game’. Or at least without something that tries to resemble a video game. I recently tried a ‘gamified’ psychometric. “Great” I thought “we can get very fast ability assessments that increase in difficulty as the person takes it getting more differentiation at the top end. Maybe even create talent pools by encouraging people to ‘collect’ all the measures!” Nope what we got was very bog standard psychometrics that looked like a computer game and had lower validity than their competitors and a very poor technical document. A coffee shop loyalty card is gamified and reasonably (cost vs. benefit) successful.

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